About CCB  

Mission Statement

Setting a new standard for community banks, Columbus Community Bank’s mission is to establish partnerships with its customers which allow us to provide tailored financial services. Technology has allowed us to bring a vast array of services, formerly reserved for mega banks, to our customers.

Imagine a bank that offers personalized loan structures at competitive rates. Imagine a bank that serves the needs of their customers, not theirs. Stop imagining and start experiencing – Columbus Community Bank.

The mission of CCB is to create an environment where our customers receive personal service, whether their relationship with us is business or personal. We bring personal attention to business.

Core Values
Integrity – Our client’s needs come first. We make decisions based on our clients best interest.

Commitment to clients – provide the desired services that make clients feel special and that they received the greatest value

Performance – we work to continuously improve our performance

About Us
A sense of community & responsibility, a sense of doing what’s right for our customers, at Columbus Community Bank, that’s what we’re all about. After all, we live here too.

For years, our community has lacked a financial institution that caters to the needs of the community. Welcome to Columbus Community Bank. Where your banker understands your community.

Built on the foundation of establishing the best banking environment for our customers, we provide experienced professionals to respond to your personal needs.

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